Sing With Ease & Confidence


Yes you can sing but do you yearn to sing better? Ever ask yourself how those performers that you enjoy sing with such ease and confidence?

Our classes will guide you through various vocal techniques that could change the way you feel about your vocal ability.

Voice lessons focus on developing the vocal range, pitch, tone production, breath control, enunciation, ear training, stage presence, and more. All lessons include warm-up exercises to improve breath control and to avoid damaging the vocal cords. These classes can be a great way to prep for auditions or college pre-screens. Students will:

- Learn how to breathe correctly through targeted and specific exercises.

- Utilize vocal warm-ups that can help you reach those notes that at the moment seem unattainable.

- Understand how to read notes so you can decipher a music score for a musical theater role, or understand harmony for your school chorus, or ace a PVA audition.

Feel the confidence and freedom of performing a song for an audition and sparkle in front of an audience! If you feel this is a something you need, it is within your reach.

Our vocal coach, Cyndi Wallman, is available in the studio from 3:30 pm-8:00 pm on Mondays and Thursdays. 30 minute lessons can be scheduled during those hours for $40 per lesson. There are currently no group voice classes on the schedule but they can be made available if there is enough interest.

Cyndi also teaches voice, and beginning/intermediate piano out of her home in Severn.