Pre-Dance classes are the perfect introduction to the world of dance for our littlest studio members! During these classes, your child will explore not only ballet but several styles of dance while they work on the foundational skills all dancers need such as balance, agility, rhythm, and expression. 

Pre-Dance classes do not perform on the Spring Recital, instead focusing on building skills. Pre-Dance students will, however, have opportunities to perform informally in the studio for their parents and older students! This is always a wonderful way to celebrate everything they've been learning. These classes are a perfect first dance experience!







Combo Classes

Ballet/Tap | Tap/Jazz 

Whether your dancer is a beginner or more advanced, these classes offer students the opportunity to condense their dance education to a single class per week. Based on the combo you sign up for, students will be taught the respective techniques and styles from the ground up in a fast-paced, fun, and engaging class. Students enrolled in these classes will learn one routine in each style for the annual showcase.



Broadway Tap | Rhythm Tap | Show Tap

Our tap instructors have extensive resumes and we are a highly sought-out studio for tap dancers and rising musical theatre stars in the area. We offer beginning through advanced classes in all styles of Broadway Tap, Rhythm Tap, and Show Tap.  


Vadim Bogomolov Ballet dance teacher Maryland Stageworkz


Classical | Pointe

Ballet is the foundation of western dance. Ballet helps dancers focus on alignment, strength, balance, flexibility, proper placement, and body control while simultaneously teaching them about discipline and dedication. A knowledge of ballet can also make learning other types of dances easier and even allow dancers to excel in other forms of dance. We offer beginning through advanced classes with our highly sought-after and talented instructors.



Lyrical incorporates ballet, and jazz dance styles while developing an emotional connection to the music. The dancing tells the story of the song with powerful movement and beautiful lines.


Jazz dance teacher Maryland Stageworkz


Jazz combines footwork and movement with different technical elements such as kicks, leaps, and turns. Jazz is a wonderful foundation for continued growth in dance. Across-the-floor progressions will improve dancers’ technique in preparation for the solid execution of choreography.


Hip Hop Tots

Our Hip Hop Tots program is a high energy class designed to teach students isolations, strong movement and musicality through the fun and fast-paced style of hip hop dance.


Acrobatic Arts

Our Acrobatic Arts classes will train dancers starting at Age 5 in the art of jumping, tumbling, and balancing. Dancers will move through levels at their own pace, building a repertoire of skills that can be used in other styles of dance, as well as improving their overall agility and ability as a dancer.