Welcome to our 2023-24 Season at Stageworkz!
Stageworkz is a full performing arts studio. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide opportunities for our students to become not just incredible dancers but well-rounded perfomers.  Click through to see class descriptions and find out more about what we have to offer in DanceMusical TheatreActing, and Voice or scroll down to explore our schedule!
Classes meet weekly during our season (Sept-June) culminating in a performance at our annual showcase. Tuition is charged monthly based on the number of classes enrolled in (Registration/Costume fees apply. Click to see full Rates & Policies)
*Classes/Workshops marked with an asterisk do not perform in the annual showcase. Workshops do not meet for the full season - specific dates will be listed and there will typically be a final performance at the end of the workshop.



Ages 3-4Hip Hop & RollMaddy HolmsThurs 11:00-11:45 am
Ages 3-4Tap/Ballet ComboSierra BasilioMon 10:00-10:45
Ages 4-6Hip Hop TotsMaddy HolmsTues 4:15-5:00
Ages 4-7Magical Musical TheatreSierra BasilioWed 4:15-5:00
Ages 5-7Tap/Jazz ComboVicki SmithThurs 4:00-5:00
Ages 5-7AcroMaddy HolmsTues 6:15-7:15
Ages 5-10Ukulele 10 Wk Workshop (Beginner)*Jessica SingeltaryTues 5:00-5:45 (9/26 - 12/19)
Ages 6-8Ballet Level IJen HerscovitzchWed 4:45-5:30
Ages 7-9Tap/Jazz ComboVicki SmithMon 4:45-5:45
Ages 7-10ActingKatie PeacockWed 6:15-7:15
Ages 8-12Tap Level IIVicki SmithWed 4:45-5:30
Ages 8-12Lyrical Level II/IIINiaja DiggsWed 5:30-6:15
Ages 8-12AcrobaticsMaddy HolmsThurs 4:00-5:15
Ages 9-12Ballet Level IJen HerscovitzchWed 4:00-4:45
Ages 10-12Musical Theatre TapSierra BasilioMon 5:45-6:30
Ages 10-12Musical Theatre JazzSierra BasilioMon 6:30-7:15
Ages 10-18Performance CompanyMaddy HolmsTues 7:15-8:30
Ages 11-13ActingKatie PeacockWed 7:15-8:15
Ages 11-14AcrobaticsMaddy HolmsTues 5:00-6:15
Ages 11-14Ballet/Pre-PointeLaura SnowTues 6:15-7:30
Ages 12-14Tap Level IIVicki SmithWed 5:30-6:15
Ages 12-14Tap Level III (Invite Only)Vicki SmithTues 5:00-6:00
Ages 12-14Jazz/Contemporary Fusion Level II/IIINiaja DiggsWed 6:15-7:15
Ages 13-18Intro Teen TapVicki SmithThurs 5:15-6:15
Ages 12-18The Hamilton Experience 9 Wk Workshop*Cyndi WallmanThurs 7:30-8:30 (9/28-11/30)
Ages 13-18Rhythm Tap (Beginner)Bobby SmithMon 7:15-8:15
Ages 13-18Ballet / Pointe Level IV/VLaura SnowTues 4:45-6:15
Ages 13-18Broadway Tap Level IV (Invite Only)Vicki SmithTues 6:15-7:15
Ages 13-18Show Tap (Invite Only)Andrew GordonTues 7:15-8:30
Ages 13-18Jazz Fusion Level IV (Invite Only)Maddy HolmsThurs 6:15-7:30
Ages 13-18Teen Beginner BalletLaura SnowTues 7:15-8:15
Ages 13-18Teen Tap Level IVicki SmithWed 6:15-7:15
Ages 13-18Jazz/Contemporary Level IINiaja DiggsWed 7:15-8:15
Ages 13-18Ballet Tech. Level II/III*Vadim BogomolovThurs 6:30-8:00
Ages 13-18Ballet Technique Level IV/V*Vadim BogomolovThurs 5:00-6:30
Ages 14-16ActingKatie PeacockWed 5:15-6:15
Ages 14-18Acting Intensive 12 Wk Workshop* (Invite Only)Michael StrombergMon 5:00-6:15 (9/11-11/27)
Ages 14-18Rhythm Tap (Invite Only)Bobby SmithMon 6:15-7:15
AdultAdult TapVicki SmithWed 7:15-8:15



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